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Returns a md5 hash object; optionally initialized with a string

src/d/d/dd-agent-HEAD/checks/collector.py   dd-agent(Download)
import modules
from util import get_os, get_uuid, md5, Timer, get_hostname, EC2, GCE
from config import get_version, get_system_stats

src/d/d/dd-agent-HEAD/emitter.py   dd-agent(Download)
import zlib
import sys
from pprint import pformat as pp
from util import json, md5, get_os
from config import get_ssl_certificate

src/d/d/dd-agent-HEAD/checks.d/riak.py   dd-agent(Download)
import time
from checks import AgentCheck
from util import md5
from util import json

src/d/d/dd-agent-HEAD/tests/test_ganglia.py   dd-agent(Download)
import pstats
import tempfile
from util import json, md5
import time
import xml.etree.ElementTree as tree