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Compute the MD5 sum of a given file.

        def md5_file(fname):
    Compute the MD5 sum of a given file.
    m = hashlib.md5()
    file = open(fname)
    for line in file.readlines():
    return m.digest()

src/d/b/dblatex-0.3.4/lib/dbtexmf/dblatex/grubber/index.py   dblatex(Download)
from msg import _, msg
from plugins import TexModule
from util import md5_file
class Index(TexModule):
        if os.path.exists(self.source):
            self.md5 = md5_file(self.source)
            self.md5 = None
            msg.log(_("the index file %s is empty") % self.source, pkg="index")
            return 0
        new = md5_file(self.source)
        if not os.path.exists(self.target):
            self.md5 = new