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Combines both the attr2dict and child2dict functions

        def node2dict(el):
    """Combines both the attr2dict and child2dict functions
    return dict(list(attr2dict(el).items()) + list(child2dict(el).items()))

src/r/u/rundeckrun-0.1.8/rundeck/transforms.py   rundeckrun(Download)
    import xml.etree.ElementTree as ElementTree
from .util import child2dict, attr2dict, node2dict
        job_el = el.find('job')
        if job_el is not None:
            data['job'] = node2dict(job_el)
    if job_count > 0:
        for job_el in base.iterfind('job'):
    return jobs
            jobs = []
            for job_req_el in status_el.iterfind('deleteJobResult'):
            results[status]['jobs'] = jobs
def execution_abort(resp):
    return node2dict(resp.etree.find('abort'))

src/a/n/another-springnote-HEAD/src/springnote/models.py   another-springnote(Download)
from xml.dom.minidom import parseString, getDOMImplementation
from .util import node2dict
APP_KEY = '06f05bc881d795dee3eadd36f40913500b444605'
                        raise ValueError(kwargs['xml'],
            node_dict = node2dict(dom.documentElement)
            # TODO: rights
        elif 'dom' in kwargs:
            dom = kwargs['dom']
            if dom.tagName == 'errors':
                raise ValueError(kwargs['xml'])
            node_dict = node2dict(dom)