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src/s/m/Smap-2.0.bcb1a7/smap/reporting.py   Smap(Download)
def reporting_map(rpt, col_cb, ts_cb):
    q = ['/']
    while len(q) > 0:
        cur_path = util.norm_path(q.pop(0))
        cur = rpt.get(cur_path, None)
        Not thread safe.
        path = util.norm_path(path)
        for sub in self.subscribers:
            if path in sub['Topics']:

src/s/m/Smap-2.0.bcb1a7/smap/loader.py   Smap(Download)
        if cur and cur.has_key('Contents') and not q[0] in inst.drivers:
            for child in cur['Contents']:
                q.append(util.norm_path(q[0] + '/' + child))
        _save_path(conf, inst, q[0])
            print "Warning: skipping section", s, "since it does not begin with a '/'"
        elif len(sections) and not util.norm_path(s) in sections: 
            # skip all but the listed sections if we were asked to
        s = util.norm_path(s)

src/s/m/Smap-2.0.bcb1a7/smap/driver.py   Smap(Download)
    def __join_id(self, id):
        if util.is_string(id) and id.startswith('/'):
            return util.norm_path(self.__attach_point + '/' + id)
            return id