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An extension of dict which remembers the insertion order of its

src/d/i/digsby-HEAD/digsby/src/jabber/JabberProtocol.py   digsby(Download)
from pyxmpp.roster import RosterItem
from util import odict, callsback, CallLater, callany, threaded
from util.primitives.funcs import Delegate, do
from util.primitives.structures import enum
from logging import getLogger
log = getLogger('jabber.protocol')
methods_dict = odict(dict(digsby_login="sasl:DIGSBY-SHA256-RSA-CERT-AES", sasl_md5="sasl:DIGEST-MD5", sasl_plain="sasl:PLAIN",
                     use_md5="digest", plain="plain"))
methods_dict._keys = ['digsby_login', 'sasl_md5', "sasl_plain", "use_md5", "plain"]
        self.room_manager = None
        self.known_s5b_proxies = odict()
        if dataproxy:

src/d/i/digsby-HEAD/digsby/src/msn/MSNBuddy.py   digsby(Download)
import common
import contacts
import util.threads as threads
from util import Storage, to_storage, dyn_dispatch, odict, threaded
from util.primitives.funcs import get
    def pretty_profile(self):
        d = odict()
        import msn.AddressBook as MSNAB
        CPMR = MSNAB.CirclePersonalMembershipRole
    def pretty_profile(self, p=None):
        p = p or odict()
        #p[(self.title, self.url)] = self.description
        p[self.title+':'] = ['\n',(self.url, self.description)]
        return p
    def pretty_profile(self):
        return odict(MSNSpaceElement.pretty_profile.fget(self).items())
    def to_tag(self):
        p = MSNSpaceElement.to_tag(self)
    def pretty_profile(self):
        #p = odict(MSNSpaceElement.pretty_profile.fget(self).items())
        p = odict()
        for thing in self.contents:

src/d/i/digsby-HEAD/digsby/src/plugins/myspace/MyspaceAPI.py   digsby(Download)
    def authorize_token(self, callback = None):
        params = util.odict((
                             ('myspaceid.consumer_key',   self.consumer.key),
                             ('myspaceid.target_domain',  'http://www.digsby.com/myspace/'),
    def authorize_token(self, callback = None):
        if self.OPENID:
            params = util.odict((
                                 ('myspaceid.consumer_key',   self.consumer.key),
            params = util.odict((
                                 ('myspaceid.consumer_key',   self.consumer.key),
                                 ('myspaceid.target_domain',  'http://www.digsby.com/myspace/'),

src/d/i/digsby-HEAD/digsby/src/gui/social_status_dialog.py   digsby(Download)
class GlobalStatusDialog(wx.Dialog):
    TOOLS = util.odict([
                        ('link', InsertLinkPanel),
                        ('image', InsertImagePanel),
        wx.Dialog.__init__(self, parent, title = title, style = style)
        self.tools = util.odict()

src/d/i/digsby-HEAD/digsby/src/common/asynchttp/httptypes.py   digsby(Download)
    def __init__(self, d = None, **kwds):
        if d is None:
            d = util.odict(**kwds)
            d = util.odict(d)

src/d/i/digsby-HEAD/digsby/src/yahoo/yahoobuddy.py   digsby(Download)
from operator import attrgetter
from util.cacheable import cproperty
from util import odict, is_email
from util.primitives.funcs import do
from util.callbacks import callsback
        if self.y360hash:
            p = odict(self.profile)
            now = time()
    def request_info(self):
        if self.service == 'yahoo':
            yahooprofile.get(self.name, success = lambda p: setattr(self, 'profile', p))
            self.profile = odict()

src/d/i/digsby-HEAD/digsby/src/plugins/nowplaying/nowplaying.py   digsby(Download)
from common import profile, pref
from util import import_module, RepeatTimer, memoize, Storage as S, odict, iproperty
from util.lrucache import LRU
from util.threads import threaded
song_checkers = odict()
def register(cls):

src/d/i/digsby-HEAD/digsby/src/yahoo/yahooprofile.py   digsby(Download)
from __future__ import with_statement
from util import threaded, soupify, odict, scrape_clean
from util.primitives.funcs import do
from util.BeautifulSoup import BeautifulStoneSoup
    soup = BeautifulStoneSoup(s, convertEntities=BeautifulStoneSoup.ALL_ENTITIES,
                              fromEncoding = 'utf-8')
    profile = odict()
    # grab info

src/d/i/digsby-HEAD/digsby/src/jabber/JabberBuddy.py   digsby(Download)
from peak.util.imports import lazyModule
import common, hashlib
import jabber
from jabber import JID, Presence
from util import callsback, Storage as S, odict, threaded
    def _gen_pretty_profile(self):
        profile = odict()
        ok = False
        fullname = self.vcard_get('fn')

src/d/i/digsby-HEAD/digsby/src/plugins/msim/MSIMUtil.py   digsby(Download)
import lxml.etree as etree
import util
from util import odict, this_list, try_this
from util.primitives.bits import rol
from hashlib import sha1
class msmsg(odict):
    class CMD(object):
        Get = 1

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