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src/h/t/HTSQL-2.3.3/src/htsql/core/syn/grammar.py   HTSQL(Download)
from ..util import (maybe, oneof, listof, omapof, trim_doc, toposort, omap,
        TextBuffer, Printable)
from ..error import Error, Mark, parse_guard, point
    def __init__(self, tables, treatments, doc):
        assert isinstance(tables, omapof(ScanTable))
        assert len(tables) > 0
        assert isinstance(treatments, listof(ScanTreatment))
        assert isinstance(doc, unicode)
    def __init__(self, tables, doc):
        assert isinstance(tables, omapof(ParseTable)) and len(tables) > 0
        assert isinstance(doc, unicode)
        self.start = next(iter(tables)).name
        self.tables = tables