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Checks if a value is an instance of one of the specified types.

Use with ``isinstance()`` as in::

    isinstance(X, oneof(T1, T2, ...))

src/h/t/HTSQL-2.3.3/src/htsql/core/application.py   HTSQL(Download)
from .addon import addon_registry
from .adapter import ComponentRegistry
from .util import maybe, oneof, listof, dictof, tupleof
from .wsgi import wsgi
from .cmd.command import UniversalCmd
    def __init__(self, db, *extensions):
        assert isinstance(list(extensions),
                             tupleof(str, maybe(dictof(str, object))),
                             dictof(str, maybe(dictof(str, object))))))

src/h/t/HTSQL-2.3.3/src/htsql/core/domain.py   HTSQL(Download)
from .util import (maybe, oneof, listof, Clonable, Hashable, Printable,
        TextBuffer, to_literal, urlquote, isfinite)
import re
    def dump(self, data):
        assert isinstance(data, maybe(oneof(int, long)))
        # `null` is represented by `None` in both forms.
        if data is None:
            return None
            The generated class.
        assert isinstance(name, maybe(oneof(str, unicode)))
        assert isinstance(fields, listof(maybe(oneof(str, unicode))))

src/h/t/HTSQL-2.3.3/src/htsql/core/syn/syntax.py   HTSQL(Download)
from ..util import (maybe, listof, oneof, Clonable, Hashable, Printable,
        to_name, to_literal)
import re
    def __init__(self, larms, rarms):
        assert isinstance(larms, listof(oneof(IdentifierSyntax,
        assert len(larms) > 0
        assert isinstance(rarms, maybe(listof(oneof(IdentifierSyntax,

src/h/t/HTSQL-2.3.3/src/htsql/core/validator.py   HTSQL(Download)
from .util import DB, maybe, oneof, listof, tupleof, dictof, to_name
from .domain import Record
import re
    def __init__(self, min_bound=None, max_bound=None, is_nullable=False):
        # Sanity check on the arguments.
        assert isinstance(min_bound, maybe(oneof(int, long)))
        assert isinstance(max_bound, maybe(oneof(int, long)))
        assert isinstance(is_nullable, bool)

src/h/t/HTSQL-2.3.3/src/htsql/core/syn/grammar.py   HTSQL(Download)
from ..util import (maybe, oneof, listof, omapof, trim_doc, toposort, omap,
        TextBuffer, Printable)
from ..error import Error, Mark, parse_guard, point

src/h/t/HTSQL-2.3.3/src/htsql/core/error.py   HTSQL(Download)
from .util import Clonable, Printable, maybe, listof, oneof
import weakref

src/h/t/HTSQL-2.3.3/src/htsql/core/cmd/command.py   HTSQL(Download)
from ..util import Printable, maybe, dictof, oneof
from ..fmt.format import Format
from ..syn.syntax import Syntax

src/h/t/HTSQL-2.3.3/src/htsql/core/fmt/text.py   HTSQL(Download)
from ..adapter import Adapter, adapt, adapt_many
from ..util import maybe, oneof
from ..context import context
from .format import TextFormat