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        def parseInt(string,default=None):
		return int(string)
		return default

src/w/a/wave-extensions-gallery-HEAD/app/api.py   wave-extensions-gallery(Download)
from datastore import Extension,Rating,User
from gallery import searchFor
from util import parseInt
def extToDict(ext,baseURL=''):
			if not query:
				query = ''
			limit = parseInt(self.request.get('limit'), DEFAULT_QUERY_LIMIT)
			offset = parseInt(self.request.get('offset'), DEFAULT_QUERY_OFFSET)
			sortBy = self.request.get('sortby')

src/w/a/wave-extensions-gallery-HEAD/app/gallery.py   wave-extensions-gallery(Download)
from constants import *
from datastore import Extension,Rating,User
from util import parseInt
def searchFor(query='',limit=DEFAULT_QUERY_LIMIT,offset=DEFAULT_QUERY_OFFSET,sortBy=SORT_BEST_MATCH):
	def get(self,extID,number):
		ext = Extension.gql('WHERE extID = :1',extID).get()
		number = parseInt(number,-1)
		if number != -1 and ext and ext.screenshots and number < len(ext.screenshots):
			self.response.headers['Content-Type'] = 'image/png'