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src/p/y/python-superfastmatch-HEAD/superfastmatch/tools/routines.py   python-superfastmatch(Download)
from copy import deepcopy
import progressbar
from ..util import ChunkedIterator, UnpicklerIterator, parse_doctype_range, parse_docid_range, SparseRange
from ..iterators import DocumentIterator
    if doctype_rangestr is not None:
        # Just ensure that it's valid.
    docs = DocumentIterator(sfm,

src/p/y/python-superfastmatch-HEAD/superfastmatch/client.py   python-superfastmatch(Download)
import requests
import json
from .util import parse_doctype_range
    def update_associations(self, doctype=None, doctype2=None, skip_validation=False):
        url = 'associations/'
        if doctype:
            if not skip_validation:
            url = '%s%s/' % (url, doctype)
        if doctype2:
            if not skip_validation: