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Fills OrderedDict with hgsubtate file content passed as list of lines

        def parse_hgsubstate(lines):
    """Fills OrderedDict with hgsubtate file content passed as list of lines"""
    rv = OrderedDict()
    for l in lines:
        ls = l.strip();
        if not ls or ls[0] == '#': continue
        value, name = l.split(' ', 1)
        rv[name.strip()] = value.strip()
    return rv

src/h/g/hg-git-HEAD/hggit/git_handler.py   hg-git(Download)
        # - changes in gitlinks
        hgsubstate = util.parse_hgsubstate(
            self.git_file_readlines(git_commit_tree, '.hgsubstate'))
        parentsubdata = ''
        if gparents:
            p1ctx = self.repo.changectx(gparents[0])
            if '.hgsubstate' in p1ctx:
                parentsubdata = p1ctx.filectx('.hgsubstate').data().splitlines()
                parentsubstate = util.parse_hgsubstate(parentsubdata)

src/h/g/hg-git-HEAD/hggit/hg2git.py   hg-git(Download)
    if '.hgsubstate' in ctx:
        substate = util.parse_hgsubstate(
    return sub, substate

src/h/g/hg-git-0.5.0/hggit/hg2git.py   hg-git(Download)
    def _handle_subrepos(self, ctx, dirty_trees):
        substate = util.parse_hgsubstate(ctx['.hgsubstate'].data().splitlines())
        sub = util.OrderedDict()
        if '.hgsub' in ctx:

src/h/g/hg-git-0.5.0/hggit/git_handler.py   hg-git(Download)
        hgsubstate = None
        if gitlinks:
            hgsubstate = util.parse_hgsubstate(self.git_file_readlines(git_commit_tree, '.hgsubstate'))
            for path, sha in gitlinks:
                hgsubstate[path] = sha