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        def parse_tag(t):
	return _nstag.match(t).groups()

src/o/p/openpack-1.1.2/openpack/basepack.py   openpack(Download)
from lxml.builder import ElementMaker as _ElementMaker
from .util import validator, parse_tag, get_ext
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
	def from_element(cls, elem):
		ns, tag = parse_tag(elem.tag)
		assert tag == 'Types'
		return cls(map(ContentType.from_element, elem))
	def from_element(cls, element):
		"given an element, parse out the proper ContentType"
		# disambiguate the subclass
		ns, class_name = parse_tag(element.tag)
		class_ = getattr(ContentType, class_name)
		def set_attr_if_tag(tag, attr=None, transform=identity):
			if attr is None:
				ns, attr = parse_tag(tag)
			elem = xml.find(tag)
			if elem is not None and elem.text: