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        def parseurl(url, heads=[]):
    parsed = hg.parseurl(url, heads)
    if len(parsed) == 3:
        # old hg, remove when we can be 1.5-only
        svn_url, heads, checkout = parsed
        svn_url, heads = parsed
        if isinstance(heads, tuple) and len(heads) == 2:
            # hg 1.6 or later
            _junk, heads = heads
        if heads:
            checkout = heads[0]
            checkout = None
    return svn_url, heads, checkout

src/h/g/hgsubversion-1.6/hgsubversion/wrappers.py   hgsubversion(Download)
def incoming(orig, ui, repo, origsource='default', **opts):
    """show incoming revisions from Subversion
    source, revs, checkout = util.parseurl(ui.expandpath(origsource))
    # Split off #rev
    svn_url, heads, checkout = util.parseurl(svn_url, heads)
    old_encoding = util.swap_out_encoding()
    total = None
        if isinstance(origsource, str):
            source, branch, checkout = util.parseurl(ui.expandpath(origsource),
            srcrepo = getpeer(ui, opts, source)