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This module implements utility functions and holds utility data for collectr.

:copyright: (c) 2013 Cory Benfield
:license: MIT License, see LICENSE for details.

src/p/y/pyformex-0.9.0/pyformex/examples/Hesperia.py   pyformex(Download)
from gui.draw import *
import simple,utils
from connectivity import Connectivity
from plugins.trisurface import TriSurface

src/p/y/pyformex-0.9.0/pyformex/examples/FontForge.py   pyformex(Download)
from plugins.polygon import Polygon,delaunay
from geomtools import closestPoint,intersectionSWP
import utils
import os,sys

src/p/y/pyformex-0.9.0/pyformex/examples/FeEx.py   pyformex(Download)
from plugins import isopar
from odict import ODict
import utils
# global data

src/p/y/pyformex-0.9.0/pyformex/examples/Elements.py   pyformex(Download)
from elements import *
from mesh import Mesh
import utils
import olist

src/b/a/baepython_sdk-HEAD/examples/weibotest/0/web/__init__.py   baepython_sdk(Download)
__contributors__ = "see http://webpy.org/changes"
import utils, db, net, wsgi, http, webapi, httpserver, debugerror
import template, form

src/b/a/baepython_sdk-HEAD/examples/weibotest/0/web/session.py   baepython_sdk(Download)
    sha1 = sha.new
import utils
import webapi as web

src/b/a/baepython_sdk-HEAD/examples/weibotest/0/web/httpserver.py   baepython_sdk(Download)
import webapi as web
import net
import utils
def runbasic(func, server_address=("", 8080)):

src/b/a/baepython_sdk-HEAD/examples/weibotest/0/web/http.py   baepython_sdk(Download)
try: import datetime
except ImportError: pass
import net, utils, webapi as web
def prefixurl(base=''):

src/b/a/baepython_sdk-HEAD/examples/weibotest/0/web/form.py   baepython_sdk(Download)
import copy, re
import webapi as web
import utils, net
def attrget(obj, attr, value=None):

src/b/a/baepython_sdk-HEAD/examples/weibotest/0/web/application.py   baepython_sdk(Download)
import webapi as web
import webapi, wsgi, utils
import debugerror
from utils import lstrips, safeunicode

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