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Mocking and Stubbing framework

This framework is built around the 'Turtle' object. A Turtle object returns another turtle for every 
unknown (not predefined) attributed asked for. It is also callable, returning (of course) a turtle.

After a turtle is used, it can be inspected to find out what happened:

  >>> leonardo = Turtle()
  >>> leonardo.color = "blue"
  >>> leonardo.attack(weapon="katanas") #doctest:+ELLIPSIS(more...)

src/t/e/Testify-HEAD/testify/__init__.py   Testify(Download)
from .utils import turtle
from .test_program import TestProgram

src/t/e/testify-0.5.3/testify/__init__.py   testify(Download)
from .utils import turtle
from .test_program import TestProgram, main