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Input: string, pri-miRNA object.
The function has no output.

        def two_same_strands_score(seq1, original_frame):
    """Input: string, pri-miRNA object.
    The function has no output."""
    miRNA_s = original_frame.miRNA_s[:2].lower()
    seq = seq1[:2].lower()
    if seq == miRNA_s:
        return 10
    elif seq[0] == miRNA_s[0]:
        return 4
        return 0

src/a/m/AMU-Poznan2013-HEAD/shmir_designer/main.py   AMU-Poznan2013(Download)
from utils import score_frame
from utils import score_homogeneity
from utils import two_same_strands_score
from backbone import get_all
from backbone import Backbone
        score += score_frame(frame_tuple, ss, original)
        score += score_homogeneity(original)
        score += two_same_strands_score(seq1, original)
        frames_with_score.append((score, frame.template(insert1, insert2), frame.name, pdf))