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        def umove(ossrc, osdst):
    # umove dosn't work with unicode filename yet
    if type(osdst) is UnicodeType and \
           not os.path.supports_unicode_filenames:
        ossrc = ossrc.encode(FS_CHARSET)
        osdst = osdst.encode(FS_CHARSET)
    # windows move ????????bug?????rename
    # ??? c:\test move to c:\Test
    if ossrc.lower() == osdst.lower():
        os.rename(ossrc, osdst)
        shutil.move(ossrc, osdst)

src/z/o/zopen.frs-1.0/zopen/frs/frs.py   zopen.frs(Download)
from utils import ucopy2, ucopytree, umove
from manifest import ManifestMixin
            raise Exception("can't move to mount folder %s" % vPath2)
        umove(self.ospath(vPath1), self.ospath(vPath2) )
        #notify(AssetMoved(self, vPath1, vPath2))