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Return unique values, order preserved

        def uniquify(values):
    Return unique values, order preserved
    unique = []
    [unique.append(i) for i in values if not i in unique]
    return unique

src/p/y/PyOP2-HEAD/pyop2/opencl.py   PyOP2(Download)
import plan
import petsc_base
from utils import verify_reshape, uniquify, maybe_setflags
    def _unique_matrix(self):
        return list(uniquify(a.data for a in self._matrix_args))
    def _matrix_entry_maps(self):
        """Set of all mappings used in matrix arguments."""
        return list(uniquify(m for arg in self.args if arg._is_mat for m in arg.map))

src/g/e/Geotrek-HEAD/geotrek/common/tests.py   Geotrek(Download)
from geotrek.settings import EnvIniReader
from .factories import AttachmentFactory
from .utils import almostequal, sampling, sql_extent, uniquify
from .utils.postgresql import debug_pg_notices