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src/p/y/PyWebGet-HEAD/core/task.py   PyWebGet(Download)
import urlparse
import setting
from utils import log, url_decode
import logging
            disposition_parm = disposition[i].split('=')
            if len(disposition_parm) > 1 and disposition_parm[0].strip() == 'filename':
                filename = url_decode(disposition_parm[1].strip('"'))
                if len(filename) > 0:
                    return filename
            result = result.split('/')[-1]
            if result:
                return url_decode(result)
                return "download"

src/p/y/PyWebGet-HEAD/core/controller.py   PyWebGet(Download)
import web, task, threading, types, time, urllib, os
from utils import log, guess_extension_from_mime_type, url_decode
import setting, wget_parser