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Transform path to url, converting backslashes to slashes if needed.

        def url_from_path(path):
    """Transform path to url, converting backslashes to slashes if needed."""

    if os.sep == '/':
        return path
        return '/'.join(path.split(os.sep))

src/s/i/sigal-HEAD/sigal/gallery.py   sigal(Download)
from .log import colored, BLUE
from .settings import get_thumb
from .utils import copy, check_or_create_dir, url_from_path
from .video import process_video
from .writer import Writer
        self.url_ext = self.output_file if settings['index_in_url'] else ''
        self.index_url = url_from_path(os.path.relpath(
            settings['destination'], self.dst_path)) + '/' + self.url_ext
            url = (url_from_path(os.path.relpath(path, self.path)) + '/' +
            breadcrumb.append((url, self.gallery.albums[path].title))

src/s/i/sigal-HEAD/sigal/writer.py   sigal(Download)
from .pkgmeta import __url__ as sigal_link
from .utils import url_from_path
THEMES_PATH = os.path.normpath(os.path.join(
            'sigal_link': sigal_link,
            'theme': {'name': os.path.basename(self.theme),
                      'url': url_from_path(os.path.relpath(self.theme_path,