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src/g/e/getopinionated-HEAD/event/models.py   getopinionated(Download)
from common.templatetags.filters import userjoin
from accounts.models import CustomUser
from utils import url_to, add_owner, wrap_html_link_to, get_owner_str, link_and_add_owner
from proposing.models import VotablePost, Comment, CommentReply, Proposal, VotablePostHistory, UpDownVote, Proxy
        # return description + url
        return u"{} reacted to {}".format(users, origin_post_str), url_to(link_target_post)
        # prepare strings
        proposal_str = add_owner(proposal, reading_user)
        url = url_to(proposal)
        creator_str = unicode(proposal.creator) if proposal.creator != None else u'Someone'
        post_str = add_owner(post, reading_user)
        users = userjoin(e.updownvote.user for e in events)
        url = url_to(post)
        # get net increase / decrease in score