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src/a/n/anybox.recipe.openerp-1.8.3/anybox/recipe/openerp/vcs/bzr.py   anybox.recipe.openerp(Download)
from StringIO import StringIO
from ..utils import use_or_open
from ..utils import working_directory_keeper
from ..utils import check_output
        {'parent_location': '/some/path', 'submit_location': '/other/path'}
        with use_or_open(from_file, self.conf_file_path()) as conffile:
            return dict((name.strip(), url.strip())
                        for name, url in (
        lines = ('%s = %s' % (k, v) + os.linesep
                 for k, v in conf.items())
        with use_or_open(to_file, self.conf_file_path(), 'w') as conffile: