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src/a/r/archgenxml-2.6/src/archgenxml/ArchGenXML.py   archgenxml(Download)
    log.info(utils.ARCHGENXML_VERSION_LINE, str(utils.version(stripsvn=False)))
    # This is a little bit hacky. Probably should read optparse's doc
    # better. [Reinout]

src/c/h/chromabot-HEAD/chromabot/main.py   chromabot(Download)
from commands import (Command, Context, failable, InvadeCommand,
                      SkirmishCommand, StatusCommand)
from utils import (base36decode, extract_command, num_to_team, name_to_id, now,
                   timestr, version)
        cur = now()
        elapsed = (cur - loop_start) + self.config["bot"]["sleep"]
        version_str = version(self.config)
        bot_report = ("Bot Status:\n\n"

src/c/h/Chameleon-2.15/src/chameleon/compiler.py   Chameleon(Download)
from .utils import string_type
from .utils import unicode_string
from .utils import version
from .utils import ast
from .utils import safe_native

src/c/h/chameleon-HEAD/src/chameleon/compiler.py   chameleon(Download)
from .utils import string_type
from .utils import unicode_string
from .utils import version
from .utils import ast
from .utils import safe_native

src/e/u/eups-HEAD/python/eups/__init__.py   eups(Download)
import utils
from utils      import debug, version, Quiet, dirEnvNameFor, setupEnvNameFor
from utils      import determineFlavor as flavor

src/a/r/archgenxml-2.6/src/archgenxml/BaseGenerator.py   archgenxml(Download)
        if utils.isTGVTrue(self.getOption('version_info', element, True)):
            log.debug("We want version info in every file.")
            versiontext = utils.version()
        elif element.__class__ == xmiparser.XMIModel:
            log.debug("We don't want version info in all files, "
                      "but we do want them in the config and Install.")
            versiontext = utils.version()

src/j/e/jellypy-HEAD/jellypy/phantom/pyphantomjs.py   jellypy(Download)
import resources
from phantom import Phantom
from utils import argParser, MessageHandler, version
# make keyboard interrupt quit program

src/o/p/open-source-watershed-HEAD/crawl/utils/stats.py   open-source-watershed(Download)
from utils import helper
from utils import history
from utils import version
from utils.cache import Cache
from utils.errors import *

src/a/r/archgenxml-2.6/src/archgenxml/OptionParser.py   archgenxml(Download)
version_string = "%prog " + utils.version()
parser = AGXOptionParser(usage=usage,

src/j/e/jellypy-HEAD/jellypy/phantom/tools/build_binary.py   jellypy(Download)
sys.path = sys.path + [parent_dir]
from utils import version

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