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src/d/j/django-templation-HEAD/templation/loaders.py   django-templation(Download)
from django.template.loaders.app_directories import Loader
from .settings import get_resource_access_model, SANDBOX
from .utils import will_override, use_safe_templates
    def get_template_sources(self, template_name, template_dirs=None):
        """ Add the resource dir to the available dirs. """
        override, resource_access = will_override()
        if override:
            path = resource_access.get_path('templates')
    def load_template(self, template_name, template_dirs=None):
        source, origin = self.load_template_source(template_name, template_dirs)
        override, _ = will_override()
        if SANDBOX and override:
            template = use_safe_templates(Template)(source)

src/d/j/django-templation-HEAD/templation/templatetags/templation_tags.py   django-templation(Download)
from ..settings import DAV_STATIC_URL
from ..locals import thread_locals
from ..utils import will_override
register = template.Library()
    override, _ = will_override()
    if override: