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src/t/a/taskn-0.1/taskn/note.py   taskn(Download)
import threadpool
from utils import expand_tree, create_notes_dir, dump_yaml, init_logging, worker_pool
logger = logging.getLogger('taskn')
def list_tasks(query, dir, ext):
    notes = expand_tree(dir, ext)
    tasks = []
    worker_pool(notes, render_list_item, query, tasks)

src/t/a/taskn-0.1/taskn/admin.py   taskn(Download)
import shutil 
from utils import mkdir_if_needed, symlink, worker_pool, init_logging
logger = logging.getLogger('taskn.admin')
def archive_stale(tasks, dir):
    archive_dir = mkdir_if_needed('archive', dir)
    logger.info('creating thread pool to archive stale notes')
    worker_pool(tasks, _move_note_if_needed, archive_dir, 'completed')
def generate_aliases(tasks, dir):
    alias_dir = mkdir_if_needed('aliases', dir)
    logger.info('creating thread pool to generate more user friendly links')
    worker_pool(tasks, _create_note_symlink, alias_dir)