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src/v/i/VisTrails-HEAD/contrib/sahm/init.py   VisTrails(Download)
from SahmSpatialOutputViewer import SAHMSpatialOutputViewerCell 
from utils import writetolog
from pySAHM.utilities import TrappedError
        writetolog("*" * 79 + "\n" + "*" * 79)
        writetolog(" output directory:   " + session_dir)
        writetolog("*" * 79 + "\n" + "*" * 79)
            msg = "Expected output from ApplyModel was not found."
            msg += "\nThis likely indicates problems with the inputs to the R module."
            writetolog(msg, False, True)
            raise ModuleError(self, msg)

src/v/i/VisTrails-HEAD/contrib/sahm/SelectPredictorsLayers.py   VisTrails(Download)
import csv
import utils
from utils import writetolog
import shutil
import os
        Sets the check state to be the same as the 0/1 include flag.
        writetolog("    PopulateTreeview inputMDS = " + self.inputMDS, False, False)
        #If an outputMDS already exists then the user has run this module before.
            return os.path.join(self.displayJPEG)
            writetolog("Missing output from R processing: " + self.displayJPEG)
            raise Exception, "Missing output from R processing"