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src/j/u/juju-deployer-0.3.8/deployer/charm.py   juju-deployer(Download)
import shutil
from .vcs import Git, Bzr
from .utils import (
        if self.branch.startswith('git') or 'github.com' in self.branch or \
                os.path.exists(os.path.join(self.branch, '.git')):
            return Git(self.path, self.branch, self.log)
        elif self.branch.startswith("bzr") or self.branch.startswith('lp:') \
                or os.path.exists(os.path.join(self.branch, '.bzr')) \

src/f/a/fabfile-for-wordpress-HEAD/fabfile/deploy/backup.py   fabfile-for-wordpress(Download)
import fabfile.settings as settings
import fabfile.db as db
from .vcs import Git
	def git_repo(self):
		git = Git(self.source)
		git.push(settings.hosts.get('backup'), '', '--all')
	# NOTE! This only works from local to remote. From rsync: "The source and destination cannot both be remote"