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src/p/y/python-veracity-0.0.11/veracity/test/test_objects.py   python-veracity(Download)
            repo._push_time = 0  # force push, pylint: disable=W0212
            repo.add_tag('_temptag2', branch=Branch.MASTER)  # tag will get pushed to TEMP_REPO
            self.assertIn('_temptag2', TEMP_REPO.tags)
            TEMP_REPO.add_tag('_temptag', branch=Branch.MASTER)
    def test_lock_unlock(self):
        """Verify a file can be locked and unlocked."""
        item = Item("bar.c", [], work=self.wc)
    def test_repo_tags(self):
        """Verify a tag can be added and removed from a repo."""
            TEMP_REPO.add_tag('_temptag2', branch=Branch.MASTER)
            tag = TEMP_REPO.add_tag('_temptag2', branch=Branch.MASTER)  # returns already created tag