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src/p/y/python-veracity-0.0.11/veracity/__init__.py   python-veracity(Download)
    from veracity.vv import repos, run as run_vv
    from veracity.objects import Repository, WorkingCopy
    from veracity.objects import Item, Changeset, Branch, Stamp, Tag, User
    from veracity.objects import BuildRequest
except (ImportError, EnvironmentError) as error:  # pragma: no cover, installation

src/p/y/python-veracity-0.0.11/veracity/test/test_objects.py   python-veracity(Download)
from veracity.vscript import VeracityScriptException
from veracity.objects import identify, keywords
from veracity.objects import Repository, WorkingCopy, Item
from veracity.objects import Changeset, Branch, Tag, Stamp, User
from veracity.objects import BuildRequest
    def test_init_existing_ws_instance(self):
        """Verify an item can be created from an existing WorkingCopy instance."""
        item = Item("test_file", [], work=self.wc)
        self.assertEqual("test_file", str(item))
        self.assertNotEqual(None, item)
    def test_init_existing_ws_path(self):
        """Verify an item can be created from an existing WorkingCopy path."""
        item = Item("test_file", [], work=self.wc.path)
            modified.write("\n# TEST MODIFICATION")
        # Get items
        item = Item("foo.h", [Item.MODIFIED], work=self.wc)
        self.assertIn(item, self.wc.status())
    def test_lock_unlock(self):
        """Verify a file can be locked and unlocked."""
        item = Item("bar.c", [], work=self.wc)