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src/p/y/python-veracity-0.0.11/veracity/__init__.py   python-veracity(Download)
    from veracity.vv import VeracityException
    from veracity.vv import repos, run as run_vv
    from veracity.objects import Repository, WorkingCopy
    from veracity.objects import Item, Changeset, Branch, Stamp, Tag, User
    from veracity.objects import BuildRequest

src/p/y/python-veracity-0.0.11/veracity/test/test_objects.py   python-veracity(Download)
from veracity.vscript import VeracityScriptException
from veracity.objects import identify, keywords
from veracity.objects import Repository, WorkingCopy, Item
from veracity.objects import Changeset, Branch, Tag, Stamp, User
from veracity.objects import BuildRequest
    def test_init_existing(self):
        """Verify a working copy can be checked out from an existing repository."""
        with WorkingCopy(tempfile.mkdtemp(), repo=TEST_REPO.name) as wc:
    def test_init_path(self):
        """Verify a working copy can be creating from an existing path."""
        temp = tempfile.mkdtemp()
        with WorkingCopy(temp, repo=TEST_REPO.name) as wc1:
            with WorkingCopy(wc1.path) as wc2:
    def test_init_new(self):
        """Verify a working copy can be checked out to a new path."""
        temp = tempfile.mkdtemp()
        shutil.rmtree(temp)  # force the checkout to create this directory
        with WorkingCopy(temp, repo=TEST_REPO.name) as wc: