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src/p/y/python-veracity-0.0.11/veracity/objects.py   python-veracity(Download)
        # Create a new repo if required
        logging.debug("checking for existing repo...")
        if self.name not in vv.parse(vv.run('repos')):
            if self.remote:
                logging.info("cloning '{s}' to '{d}'...".format(s=self.remote, d=self.name))
        branches = []
        logging.debug("getting branches in repo '{n}'...".format(n=self.name))
        for name in vv.parse(vv.run('branches', repo=self.name)):
            branches.append(Branch(name, repo=self, identity=False))
        for branch in branches:
        changesets = []
        logging.debug("getting history in repo '{n}'...".format(n=self.name))
        for dictionary in vv.parse(vv.run('history', repo=self.name), 'changesets'):
            changesets.append(Changeset(dictionary, repo=self))
        for changeset in changesets:
            return changesets
        logging.debug("getting heads of '{b}' in repo '{n}'...".format(b=branch or "<all branches>", n=self.name))
        for dictionary in vv.parse(vv.run('heads', repo=self.name, **keywords(branch=branch)), 'changesets'):
            changeset = Changeset(dictionary, repo=self)
            if not branch or branch in changeset.branches:
        tags = []
        logging.debug("getting tags in repo '{n}'...".format(n=self.name))
        for label, _, rev in vv.parse(vv.run('tags', repo=self.name), 'tags'):
            tags.append(Tag(label, repo=self, rev=rev))
        for tag in tags:

src/p/y/python-veracity-0.0.11/veracity/test/test_vv.py   python-veracity(Download)
    def test_changesets(self):
        """Verify changeset output can be parsed."""
        changesets = list(vv.parse(CHANGESETS, 'changesets'))
        self.assertEqual(2, len(changesets))
        self.assertEqual(['18:518a7e0ed1fe30112'], changesets[1]['revision'])