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src/p/y/python-veracity-0.0.11/veracity/objects.py   python-veracity(Download)
    def delete(self):
        """Delete the repository.
        logging.info("deleting repo '{n}'...".format(n=self.name))
        if self.name not in vv.repos():

src/p/y/python-veracity-0.0.11/veracity/__init__.py   python-veracity(Download)
    from veracity.vv import VeracityException
    from veracity.vv import repos, run as run_vv
    from veracity.objects import Repository, WorkingCopy
    from veracity.objects import Item, Changeset, Branch, Stamp, Tag, User

src/p/y/python-veracity-0.0.11/veracity/test/__init__.py   python-veracity(Download)
def _create_repo():
    """Creates a test repository for integration tests.
    if TEST_REPO_NAME in vv.repos():
def _delete_repo():
    """Delete the test repository.
    if TEST_REPO_NAME not in vv.repos():
# Set the integration test repository if enabled and created
if settings.TEST_INTEGRATION and TEST_REPO_NAME in vv.repos():
    TEST_REPO = objects.Repository(TEST_REPO_NAME)
    TEST_REPO.user = 'testuser'