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        def fixMDY(month, day, year):
    #pr "fixmdy", (month,day,year)
    if year is None:
        lt = time.localtime()
        year = lt[0]
        if month is None:
            month = lt[1]
            if day is None:
                day = lt[2]
    elif month is None:
        month = 1
    if month<1:
        month = 12
        year -= 1
        #pr "back to year", month,year
    if month>12:
        month = 1
        year += 1
        #pr "forward to year", month,year
    return (month, day, year)

src/w/h/whiff-1.1/whiff/middleware/loadMonth.py   whiff(Download)
                        day = d 
        #pr "loadMonth adjusted with", (prefix, year, month, day, target)
        (month, day, year) = monthHtml.fixMDY(month, day, year)
        style = self.param_value(self.style, env)
        # get set innerhtml action to set target content