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Wsgi app to redirect to a new location

src/w/h/whiff-1.1/whiff/middleware/repoze/protect.py   whiff(Download)
import allow
from whiff import resolver
from whiff.middleware import redirect
from whiff.middleware import absPath
from whiff.middleware import unauthorized

src/w/h/whiff-1.1/whiff/resolver.py   whiff(Download)
def publish_templates(from_path, in_globals, extension=".whiff", mime_extensions=False, directory_middleware="index"):
    "publish as whiff configuration templates any file in directory from_path ending in extension in in_globals."
    from whiff.middleware import redirect
    len_ext = len(extension)
    filenames = os.listdir(from_path)
    def __call__(self, env, start_response):
        from whiff.middleware import redirect
        ep = env[whiffenv.ENTRY_POINT]
        #pr "redirect responding_path "+repr(env.get(whiffenv.RESPONDING_PATH))+"<br>\n"
        #pr "path_remainder "+repr(env.get(whiffenv.PATH_REMAINDER))+"<br>\n"