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        def override_cgi_require(env, name, value):
    value = quote(value) # cgi entries are always quoted by default in WHIFF
    cgi_dict = env.get(whiffenv.CGI_DICTIONARY, {})
    cgi_dict[name] = [value]
    env[whiffenv.CGI_DICTIONARY] = cgi_dict

src/w/h/whiff-1.1/whiff/middleware/expandPostedTemplate.py   whiff(Download)
            #v = resolver.quote(v) # override_cgi_require automatically does quoting
            if verbose: print >> sys.stderr,"overriding cgi argument", (k,v)
            resolver.override_cgi_require(env, k, v)
        # evaluate the template
        if verbose: print >> sys.stderr,"now evaluating stream"