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str(object='') -> string

Return a nice string representation of the object.
If the argument is a string, the return value is the same object.

src/w/h/whiff-1.1/whiff/resolver.py   whiff(Download)
def parse_cgi_get(env, quoted=True):
    env[whiffenv.CGI_DICTIONARY] = env.get(whiffenv.CGI_DICTIONARY,{})
    get_parameters = env.get("QUERY_STRING")
    #p "parsing get parameters", get_parameters
    if get_parameters:
def parse_cgi_post(env, quoted=True):
    "parse url-encoded post parameters: SHOULD ONLY BE CALLED ONCE"
    env[whiffenv.CGI_DICTIONARY] = env.get(whiffenv.CGI_DICTIONARY,{})
    content_length_str = env.get("CONTENT_LENGTH")
    if content_length_str:
def parse_url_encoded_parameters(env, query_string, quoted=True):
    query_dict = cgi.parse_qs(query_string)
    cgi_dict = env.get(whiffenv.CGI_DICTIONARY, {})
    #p "parsed cgi parameters are", query_dict
    for (name, lst) in query_dict.items():

src/w/h/whiff-1.1/whiff/cgicomponent.py   whiff(Download)
        theValue = None
        # try to find the value in the cgi dictionary
        cgi_dict = env.get(whiffenv.CGI_DICTIONARY)
        if cgi_dict is None:
            raise ValueError, "cgi-dictionary has not been parsed by whiff"

src/w/h/whiff-1.1/whiff/stream.py   whiff(Download)
            #pr "adding defaults", self.cgi_defaults.keys()
            #pr "to dictionary", envcopy.get(whiffenv.CGI_DICTIONARY)
            cgi_dict = envcopy.get(whiffenv.CGI_DICTIONARY)
            if cgi_dict is None:
                raise ValueError, "cannot provide cgi defaults unless cgi parameters have been parsed"