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str(object='') -> string

Return a nice string representation of the object.
If the argument is a string, the return value is the same object.

src/w/h/whiff-1.1/whiff/resolver.py   whiff(Download)
def local_cgi_name(global_name, env):
    "trim cgi-prefix, if present, from global_name"
    prefix = env.get(whiffenv.FULL_CGI_PREFIX, None)
    if prefix is None:
        return global_name
    if cgi_prefix is None:
        cgi_prefix = envcopy.get(whiffenv.CGI_PREFIX, "")
    full_prefix = envcopy.get(whiffenv.FULL_CGI_PREFIX, "")
    if cgi_prefix or (full_prefix and cgi_parsed_here):
        #pr "PROCESSING CGI PREFIX", cgi_prefix
        # update or create the full prefix entry
        full_prefix = envcopy.get(whiffenv.FULL_CGI_PREFIX, "")
        new_full_prefix = full_prefix+cgi_prefix
        envcopy[whiffenv.FULL_CGI_PREFIX] = new_full_prefix

src/w/h/whiff-1.1/whiff/cgicomponent.py   whiff(Download)
        if theList is None:
            top_dict = env.get(whiffenv.TOP_CGI_DICTIONARY)
            full_prefix = env.get(whiffenv.FULL_CGI_PREFIX)
            keys = top_keys = None
            if cgi_dict is not None:

src/w/h/whiff-1.1/whiff/namecomponent.py   whiff(Download)
        #pr "whiff call for name", repr(name)
        if self.use_prefix:
            prefix = env.get(whiffenv.FULL_CGI_PREFIX, "")
            #pr "extending with prefix", repr(prefix)
            name = prefix+name

src/w/h/whiff-1.1/whiff/idcomponent.py   whiff(Download)
        header_list = [ ("Content-Type", "text/plain") ] # XXXX ???
        name = self.name
        full_prefix = env.get(whiffenv.FULL_CGI_PREFIX)
        if full_prefix is None:
            if name is None:

src/w/h/whiff-1.1/whiff/argcomponent.py   whiff(Download)
                raise ValueError, "cannot update environment for unbound invocation "+repr(self)
            bindings = {}
            prefix = full_env.get(whiffenv.FULL_CGI_PREFIX, "")
            for (name, stream) in bound_id_sets.items():
                stream_env = stream.update_environment(full_env)