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list() -> new empty list
list(iterable) -> new list initialized from iterable's items

src/w/h/whiff-1.1/whiff/cgicomponent.py   whiff(Download)
        typeValue = type(theValue)
        # convert the value if it's a json type to a json format
        if typeValue in whiffenv.JSON_TYPES:
            theValue = jsonParse.format(theValue)
        #theValue = qq(theValue) # this is redundant

src/w/h/whiff-1.1/whiff/namecomponent.py   whiff(Download)
            theArg = theArg[index]
        typeArg = type(theArg)
        if typeArg in whiffenv.JSON_TYPES:
            # format as json
            payload = jsonParse.format(theArg)