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src/w/i/winappdbg-1.5/winappdbg/process.py   winappdbg(Download)
                hThread = win32.OpenThread(
                    win32.THREAD_QUERY_LIMITED_INFORMATION, False, dwThreadId)
            except WindowsError, e:
                if e.winerror != win32.ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED:
                hThread = win32.OpenThread(
                    win32.THREAD_QUERY_INFORMATION, False, dwThreadId)

src/w/i/winappdbg-1.5/winappdbg/thread.py   winappdbg(Download)
            runnning with administrative rights.
        hThread = win32.OpenThread(dwDesiredAccess, win32.FALSE, self.dwThreadId)
        # In case hThread was set to an actual handle value instead of a Handle