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src/w/i/winappdbg-1.5/winappdbg/process.py   winappdbg(Download)
        @raise WindowsError: On error an exception is raised.
        return self.__read_c_type(lpBaseAddress, '=Q', win32.QWORD)
    def write_qword(self, lpBaseAddress, unpackedValue):
            Returns zero on error.
        return self.__peek_c_type(lpBaseAddress, '=Q', win32.QWORD)
    def poke_qword(self, lpBaseAddress, unpackedValue):

src/w/i/winappdbg-1.5/winappdbg/breakpoint.py   winappdbg(Download)
        if win32.bits == 64 and paramCount and not signature:
            signature = (win32.QWORD,) * paramCount
        if signature: