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src/w/i/winappdbg-1.5/winappdbg/process.py   winappdbg(Download)
        # Take a snapshot of all processes and threads
        dwFlags   = win32.TH32CS_SNAPPROCESS | win32.TH32CS_SNAPTHREAD
        with win32.CreateToolhelp32Snapshot(dwFlags) as hSnapshot:

src/w/i/winappdbg-1.5/winappdbg/thread.py   winappdbg(Download)
    def __get_pid_by_scanning(self):
        'Internally used by get_pid().'
        dwProcessId = None
        dwThreadId = self.get_tid()
        with win32.CreateToolhelp32Snapshot(win32.TH32CS_SNAPTHREAD) as hSnapshot:
        dead_tids   = self._get_thread_ids()
        dwProcessId = self.get_pid()
        hSnapshot   = win32.CreateToolhelp32Snapshot(win32.TH32CS_SNAPTHREAD,