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src/d/i/Digital-History-Hacks--2005-08--HEAD/google-earth.py   Digital-History-Hacks--2005-08-(Download)
# initialize Google Earth
ge =  win32com.client.Dispatch("GoogleEarth.ApplicationGE")
while not ge.IsInitialized():
    print "Waiting for Google Earth to initialize..."

src/p/y/pygoogleearth-0.0.2/pygoogleearth/geapplication.py   pygoogleearth(Download)
        # Check for initialization every tenth second or so until we succeed
        # or timeout (if a timeout is specified)
        while not self.ge.IsInitialized() :
            if timeout is not None and time.clock() - starttime >= timeout:
                raise InitializationException, "Timeout while creating GoogleEarth wrapper"