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src/m/o/mongodb-d4-HEAD/src/inputs/abstractconverter.py   mongodb-d4(Download)
                # For each field referenced in the query, build a histogram of
                # which collections have a field with the same name
                fields = workload.getReferencedFields(op)
                h = Histogram()
                for c in self.metadata_db.Collection.find():

src/m/o/mongodb-d4-HEAD/src/search/initialdesigner.py   mongodb-d4(Download)
                    LOG.warn("Missing: " + op["collection"])
                fields = workload.getReferencedFields(op)
                h = col_keys[op["collection"]]
                for i in xrange(1, len(fields)+1):

src/m/o/mongodb-d4-HEAD/tests/workload/unittest_utilmethods.py   mongodb-d4(Download)
        #print "EXPECTED:", expected
        fields = workload.getReferencedFields(op)
        #print "FIELDS:", fields