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src/m/o/mongodb-d4-HEAD/src/inputs/abstractconverter.py   mongodb-d4(Download)
            if op['type'] != constants.OP_TYPE_INSERT:
                # Update how this key was used with predicates
                if workload.isOpRegex(op, field=k):
                    op['predicates'][k] = constants.PRED_TYPE_REGEX
                elif isinstance(v, dict):

src/m/o/mongodb-d4-HEAD/src/costmodel/disk/diskcostcomponent.py   mongodb-d4(Download)
                indexMatch = (indexKey in op_index_list)
                # We can't use a field if it's being used in a regex operation
                if indexMatch and not workload.isOpRegex(op, field=indexKey):
                    field_cnt += 1

src/m/o/mongodb-d4-HEAD/src/costmodel/state.py   mongodb-d4(Download)
    def __getIsOpRegex__(self, cache, op):
        isRegex = cache.op_regex.get(op["query_hash"], None)
        if isRegex is None:
            isRegex = workload.isOpRegex(op)
            if self.cache_enable:

src/m/o/mongodb-d4-HEAD/tests/workload/unittest_utilmethods.py   mongodb-d4(Download)
        ret = workload.isOpRegex(op)