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Starts this server in the `.IOLoop`.

By default, we run the server in this process and do not fork any
additional child process.

If num_processes is ``None`` or <= 0, we detect the number of cores
available on this machine and fork that number of child
processes. If num_processes is given and > 1, we fork that
specific number of sub-processes.

src/w/s/wstunnel-0.0.3/wstunnel/test/test_wstunnel.py   wstunnel(Download)
    def setUp(self):
        super(WSTunnelTestCase, self).setUp()
        self.srv = EchoServer(port=0,
    def setUp(self):
        super(WSTunnelSSLTestCase, self).setUp()
        self.srv = EchoServer(port=0, address="")
        self.srv_tun = WSTunnelServer(port=0,