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src/x/o/xotl.ql-0.2.1dev/tests/test_translation_utils.py   xotl.ql(Download)
def test_cotraverse_expression():
    from xoutil.compat import izip
    from xotl.ql.expressions import is_a
    from xotl.ql.translation import cotraverse_expression
        assert partner_is_a_person in filters
        expected_terms_order = [person, partner, rel_token.expression, rel_subject, person, rel_obj, partner]
        assert expected_terms_order == list(cotraverse_expression(query))
    assert UNPROXIFING_CONTEXT not in context
@pytest.mark.xfail(str("sys.version.find('PyPy') != -1"))
def test_cotraverse_expression_reintroduction():
    from xotl.ql.translation import cotraverse_expression
    expr2 = this.d + this.e
    expr3 = this.f * this.g
    routine = cotraverse_expression(expr1, expr2)
    result = []

src/x/o/xotl.ql-0.2.1dev/tests/test_this_queries.py   xotl.ql(Download)
    from xoutil.iterators import izip
    from xotl.ql.core import thesefy
    from xotl.ql.translation import cotraverse_expression
    with context(UNPROXIFING_CONTEXT):
        assert all(matches_token(term)
                   for term in cotraverse_expression(*query.filters))