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src/v/b/vboxweb-HEAD/xpcom/components.py   vboxweb(Download)
# The "manager" object.
manager = xpcom.client.Component(_xpcom.GetComponentManager(), _xpcom.IID_nsIComponentManager)
# The component registrar
registrar = xpcom.client.Component(_xpcom.GetComponentManager(), _xpcom.IID_nsIComponentRegistrar)
    def createInstance(self, iid = None):
        import xpcom.client
            return xpcom.client.Component(self.contractid, _get_good_iid(iid))
        except xpcom.COMException, details:

src/v/b/vboxweb-HEAD/xpcom/server/policy.py   vboxweb(Download)
                return interface
        return client.Component(interface, iid)
    def _CallMethod_(self, com_object, index, info, params):

src/v/b/vboxweb-HEAD/xpcom/server/loader.py   vboxweb(Download)
import glob, os, types
from xpcom.client import Component
# Until we get interface constants.

src/p/i/pics-HEAD/lib/picslib/utils.py   pics(Download)
    def _repr(self, o, context, level):
            from xpcom.client import Component
            from xpcom.server import UnwrapObject
        except ImportError: