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src/v/b/vboxweb-HEAD/xpcom/server/policy.py   vboxweb(Download)
                # QI performed by the framework will set things right!
                if delegate_qi is None or not delegate_qi(iid):
                    raise ServerException(nsError.NS_ERROR_NO_INTERFACE)
        # Stuff for the magic interface conversion.
        self._interface_info_ = None

src/v/b/vboxweb-HEAD/xpcom/server/loader.py   vboxweb(Download)
                    from xpcom import nsError
                    # If the interface name does not exist, suppress the traceback
                    if details.errno==nsError.NS_ERROR_NO_INTERFACE:
                        logger.error("Registration of '%s' failed\n %s",
                                     entry.leafName, details.message)