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General exception during installation

src/x/p/XPpkg-0.3dev.3/xppkg/download.py   XPpkg(Download)
import sys
from xppkg.backwardcompat import string_types
from xppkg.exceptions import InstallationError
from xppkg.util import create_download_cache_folder, splitext, format_size, display_path, backup_dir, ask_path_exists, unpack_file, cache_download
from xppkg.log import logger
def _check_hash(download_hash, link):
    if download_hash.digest_size != hashlib.new(link.hash_name).digest_size:
        logger.fatal("Hash digest size of the package %d (%s) doesn't match the expected hash name %s!"
                     % (download_hash.digest_size, link, link.hash_name))
        raise InstallationError('Hash name mismatch for package %s' % link)
    if download_hash.hexdigest() != link.hash:
        logger.fatal("Hash of the package %s (%s) doesn't match the expected hash %s!"
                     % (link, download_hash, link.hash))
        raise InstallationError('Bad %s hash for package %s' % (link.hash_name, link))