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        def format_size(bytes):
    if bytes > 1000*1000:
        return '%.1fMB' % (bytes/1000.0/1000)
    elif bytes > 10*1000:
        return '%ikB' % (bytes/1000)
    elif bytes > 1000:
        return '%.1fkB' % (bytes/1000.0)
        return '%ibytes' % bytes

src/x/p/XPpkg-0.3dev.3/xppkg/download.py   XPpkg(Download)
from xppkg.backwardcompat import string_types
from xppkg.exceptions import InstallationError
from xppkg.util import create_download_cache_folder, splitext, format_size, display_path, backup_dir, ask_path_exists, unpack_file, cache_download
from xppkg.log import logger
            ## FIXME: the URL can get really long in this message:
            if total_length:
                logger.start_progress('Downloading %s (%s): ' % (show_url, format_size(total_length)))
                logger.start_progress('Downloading %s (unknown size): ' % show_url)
            if show_progress:
                if not total_length:
                    logger.show_progress('%s' % format_size(downloaded))
                    logger.show_progress('%3i%%  %s' % (100*downloaded/total_length, format_size(downloaded)))
        if show_progress:
            logger.end_progress('%s downloaded' % format_size(downloaded))
    return download_hash