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        def unpack_file(filename, location, content_type, link):
    if (content_type == 'application/zip'
        or filename.endswith('.zip')
        or filename.endswith('.pybundle')
        or zipfile.is_zipfile(filename)):
        unzip_file(filename, location, flatten=not filename.endswith('.pybundle'))
    elif (content_type == 'application/x-gzip'
          or tarfile.is_tarfile(filename)
          or splitext(filename)[1].lower() in ('.tar', '.tar.gz', '.tar.bz2', '.tgz', '.tbz')):
        untar_file(filename, location)
    elif (content_type and content_type.startswith('text/html')
          and is_svn_page(file_contents(filename))):
        # We don't really care about this
        from pip.vcs.subversion import Subversion
        Subversion('svn+' + link.url).unpack(location)
        ## FIXME: handle?
        ## FIXME: magic signatures?
        logger.fatal('Cannot unpack file %s (downloaded from %s, content-type: %s); cannot detect archive format'
                     % (filename, location, content_type))
        raise exceptions.InstallationError('Cannot determine archive format of %s' % location)

src/x/p/XPpkg-0.3dev.3/xppkg/download.py   XPpkg(Download)
from xppkg.backwardcompat import string_types
from xppkg.exceptions import InstallationError
from xppkg.util import create_download_cache_folder, splitext, format_size, display_path, backup_dir, ask_path_exists, unpack_file, cache_download
from xppkg.log import logger
    if download_dir and not already_downloaded:
        _copy_file(temp_location, download_dir, content_type, link)
    unpack_file(temp_location, location, content_type, link)
    if target_file and target_file != temp_location:
        cache_download(target_file, temp_location, content_type)